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Problems with ticket payments

Our payment provider accepts most Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards, but not American Express. If you are experiencing problems making the payment for your tickets, your payment could be being declined for the reasons below and we suggest you try the following steps;

  • Email/Card Restrictions - At the moment, a maximum of 1 payment attempt is allowed for VISA cards (3 for MasterCard) per email/card per day (maximum of 5 per week & 8 per month). This is a temporary security restriction from our provider and will be removed in the coming weeks. If you make multiple attempts with the same email or card your payment will fail, and you will not be forwarded to the payment gateway. The solution to this is to provide an alternative email and/or use a different payment card at the checkout stage - TICKETS WILL STILL BE ASSIGNED TO THE EMAIL/ACCOUNT THAT YOU ARE LOGGED INTO THE WEBSITE WITH.

  • Bank Restrictions-As a standard some banks automatically restrict payments to competition, gaming and gambling websites. You can contact your bank and ask them to lift these restrictions and allow the payment to Prize Villas.

  • Minimum Transaction Amount-At the moment, our provider has a minimum transaction amount equivalent to £5.00 on VISA issued bank cards. This means that a minimum of 2 tickets must be purchased at a time. We are working with the provider to have this reduced so that there are is no minimum transaction amount. There is no minimum purchase when using MASTERCARD.

  • Description on your statement-Our provider uses international processing partners. The description on your statement will appear as follows;  VISA: VAPULUS         MasterCard: WENCUTLER.NET


If you are still unable to make payments by card after following the above steps, you also have the option to pay by bank transfer. Bank transfers can take between 1-5 business days to reach our account. We will notify you by email to confirm receipt of your payment and provide the details of your tickets.

*Please Note: PayPal does not support payments for Prize Competition websites.

Where to find your tickets

Our tickets are mostly allocated automatically by the ticket allocation software on our website. 90% of the time tickets are available to be viewed in the "My Tickets" of your account within 5 minutes of purchase. You will need to refresh your browser after this time to view your tickets.


On some occasions payments maybe held as "pending" by our payment provider before being confirmed as "successful" and our software does not allocate your tickets until the payment is made "successful" by our payment provider. On these occasions it may take a few hours before your tickets are allocated and viewable in your account.

If you are still unable to see your tickets 24 hours then there may have been an error in how your email was recorded in our database. These issues can be easily rectified by our tech team. Please contact us to resolve any issues with viewing your tickets.

Please Note: During periods of extremely high demand our ticket allocation software may have to switch from immediate allocation to batch allocation. This can mean newly purchased tickets may not be viewable in your account for up to 48 hours. We will notify all customers of this when necessary.

Problems with log in & Sign Up

You will be unable to purchase tickets without creating an account on our website. You will automatically be directed to our "Sign Up" page during the purchase process if you do not already have an account, or if you have an account you will need to click "Log In" on the "Sign Up" page.

If you are experiencing problems with the log in to your account, then please try the "Forgot Password" function to reset your password.

If you are experiencing problems with the Sign Up and creating an account you will receive an Error Code at the bottom of the page. Please take note of this and contact us for assistance.

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